When your prayers STILL remain UNANSWERED. (MA SO IRETI NU)

What do you do?. You pray, you fast, you seek, you labour.

One day becomes one week, one month, one year, ten years on still nothing. You begin to think, what am I doing wrong?. Is it the enemy of my progress, is it the sins of my father’s?, you bind, you paralyse., you decree, you declare, you profess, YET NOTHING. Rather than getting better, getting a breakthrough, healing, deliverance, open heavens it seems your prayer is making it worse!.

Do I give up, do I loose interest in God, do I seek other avenues unpleasing to God, do I stop praying, surely it must be a waste of time? 1st week of June, half of the year gone by and still NOTHING. Sure like every human being born of flesh your heart grows weary and tired BUT NEVER GIVE UP!.


Every day is a New Day, new blessings are released and poured out from the gates of heaven, every day a new baby is born, every morning the Sun comes out, every morning the Chicken crows!. HALLELUJAH I AM ALIVE!.

Always keep the story of Joseph at hand, when he thought yes the baker, the wine taster will remember me when they get out of prison, they did the exact opposite! . BUT when it was TIME, heaven spoke, God touched the heart of man and the rest is history!. In it all Joseph never faulted in prayer, in praying and believing.


Of this one thing am sure of, that HE that watches over YOU never sleeps or grow weary of doing good. BE HOPEFUL, BE EXPECTANT, KEEP ON KNOCKING ON GODS DOOR. Soon your time will come.

It seems far away to the eye BUT WAIT ON THE LORD. Your joy is coming forth IJN.

Whatever you are trusting God to do, That HE will do and abundantly more. The manifestation of Gods glory shall manifest greatly over you this MONTH IJN!.


Ma so ireti re nu ninu Olorun ore, AYO RE DE TAN loruko Jesu!.



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