In time of Loneliness, despair and depression, what does one do?

How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me. Psalm 13:1

Remember me, my God, for Good. Nehemiah 5:19

The story of King David throughout the bible, shows us OF a life of a typical human being, his struggle, fear, betrayal, rejection, loneliness, inner conflicts etc and his coping mechanism towards all these weights of life or ‘shadows of death’!.

Perhaps you are going through one challenge or the other, no job, no husband, no wife, no money to feed the family, nothing going on for you. Your friends are all married and yet no one is knocking on your door, all your friends have kids and yet you are still waiting on the Lord. In a terrible marriage, where loneliness is your daily food. Suffering from terminal sickness, partner in a mental home, children taking drugs, made the wrong decision and now suffering the consequences etc.

Finding yourself in a darkhole

You feel as if you a in a pit, A DARK hole, screaming, crying, praying and still no one hears you. Then you begin to wonder, is God really real, does He really hear me AND why me? You sleep in tears and wake up still in tears.

This is what happened to David, when his beloved son Absalom decided to go for his crown and had his most precious adviser Ahitophel desert him. First think he did was:

  •  Turn to God, ask Him to help you, to strengthen your mind.
  • Trust Him 100%
  •  Look for a verse in the bible that relates to your situation and hold on to it, speak it into your life. Make positive declaration about what you want and see yourself getting there
  • seek help, its always good to talk, a problem shared is a problem solved.
  • Help others to keep busy, unclutter your mind, join a charity, volunteer in a school, church, old peoples home etc
  • Become a prayer warrior, praying for the less fortunate or what the Lord puts on your mind.
  • Look in the mirror daily and decree what you want for yourself, say it aloud, feel it, smell it , see it in your mind. feel good about it coming soon, repeat 5-10 times a day
  • Cut loose from things holding you back or putting you down.
  • Live gratefully and be thankful always, be expectant!
  • Your test is an awaiting Testimony IJN!



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