Omobolanle’s Testimony!

Ayo Nio,

Calvary greetings to you and the entire congregation. May the goodness and mercy of the Lord continue to be with everyone.
My name is Omobolanle, I am one of the online members in diaspora. I feel blessed and fulfiled that for the past months that I’ve been following the church Sunday services on Youtube, the Lord put a smile on my face and also put a Thanksgiving song into my mouth.
Ebami yin Oluwa Logo… I am actually an Ayo Ni member in Nigeria but on getting to Europe I discovered there’s no white garment church here, though I worship with one of the foreign churches but since I’ve come across your services on Youtube, I decided to keep following every Sunday even when.I’m at work.
Our Lord is good, all the time. Pls,you may need to pardon me for my lengthen mail but I just feel like sharing the testimony so I wouldn’t be an Ingrate to God. Sometimes ago, during the Sunday service as usual, there was a lady that shared a testimony how God used one of our mummies(She’s a Lawyer) in the church to get her papers in the UK even.when everybody was telling her to go back home. That day I was overwhelmed and I cried to God to please give me the Grace to share this type of testimony as a matter of fact, I used the sister as a contact to God.
I actually came to Europe (Estonia) with a study visa unfortunately on getting here, we realized the sch was having issues with immigration and our application for study permit was denied. We were given 3options, either we go back to.our country, find a new school.or end up being a tourist. It was a pathetic story because as much as I know, Nigeria was not an.option to go back to because of our economy and all sch here has closed there admission for the year.
Some people ran away while some of us still trusting God that it will be well. We got a school that was ready to.absorb us unfortunately the tuition fee was not affordable. I was given admission but I defer it till this year February with the hope of sourcing for fund.
To the Glory of God I was able part of the fund and in November 2017 I reapplied for permit. Since then, I’ve been praying to God to make it possible for me. Last week Sunday (14th, January), I joined the service as usual and during the 12 o clock prayer, I told God that in this January, I want to hear a good news and during the thanksgiving there was a song that one of our mummies sang that really touched my heart.
The song goes thus ‘🎷🥁🎤🎸Etí mí gbọ́ rè, Ojú mí ríre, Aráyé ẹwà bá mí yọ, Ire wọlé mi🎼🎺 and during the time Daddy (Leader) was sharing the anointing oil, I told God in my mind that I received it in spirit.
To the goodness of God, on Thursday the following week, Alas the goodness came to me through a mail that My Study Permit has been granted and to crown it all, in same week on Saturday my Husband got a msg that he has been given admission for His PhD Programme outside Nigeria and it’s Tuition Free.
Is Our God not Faithful?
Our Lord is good. I’ll urge the congregation and daddy to continue pray for my family, that God should keep strengthen us and as we embark on this.journey,we shouldn’t have cause to.regret because opo ojo lotiro, ti ile ti fi mu.
This is my testimony. May God continue to enlarge the Ministry. May God continue to strengthen the Leader, the prophet and the Prophetess, Choir and the entire congregation.
Ise ìránṣẹ́ yín òní jóná Sir, Ọ̀pá Aládé na òní tí owo (hand) yín bàjé ni Orúkọ Jésù. Àmín.
Ayọ̀ Nio


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