NCC Choir Worship Album titled JEHOVAH out now!..Grab your copy!

The much awaited Worship Album from NCC Choir is now out and o boy!.. You will not be astonished, amazed, cry, laugh and dance!. All these emotions is what this spirit filled album will bring out of you and am saying this as the worst critic you can ever come across. When it comes to things of the Kingdom, I don’t take them lightly and those who know me will tell you, cause we are talking about ‘my Father’s business!’. So if I say it is mind-blowing, then you better believe it and quickly dash over to amazon or itune to grab your own digital copy or if you are oldskool like me buy your own hardcopy cd online from the Church Bookshop and get it delivered at your doorstep.

To say I am shocked, lost for words and so, so proud of NCC Choir is really an understatement!.. I bought my copy and listened to it in the car with the kids, they asked me if am sure its our choir!. Every track (15 in total) is carefully arranged, from the intro, the electric guitarists, the keyboardists, saxophonists, trumpets, drums, talking drums then the various vocalists, the kids and then the arranger, I can go on and on.

It’s a family album designed to suit everyone’s need. Motivational, Inspirational, Spiritual, Rap, Jazz, Afro beat, traditional, hymn book songs and much much more.

Whats my favourite track? really I love it ALL, too many to pick but a particular track brings tears to my eyes and its track 4 ‘mimo‘ her voice is just heavenly and as a worshipper myself, I fell in love totally!. .Then there is jazzy ‘Transformed‘, ‘Baba mo juba afrobeat!’. Track 10 ‘Jehovah‘ is my favourite dance(listened a hundred times, especially the end part) as it has all the vocalist on one track and the kids and I love the Rap song ‘Owo Olorun‘.

The tracks are all spirit filled and powerful to heal, deliver and uplift. I encourage you to grab a copy and buy some to bless others as I have. We will be covering the Chorister band as a whole and individually over the next couple of months to se what inspired them to write such lyrics and if they could imagine it will come out to bless so many lives.

Here are tasters of each track (fortunately you can buy a single track and listen on your phone).


Be blessed as you listen..AyoNiO!

PS: Pls dash over to amazon and itune to write your positive review, this helps generate more interest and more people to listen to Kingdom music!. AyoniO


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