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WHO IS MARTHA? In the bible Martha was described as a hospitable lady, who lived in the village of Bethany, she is the sister of Mary and Lazarus.  Martha always opened her home to Jesus and he (Jesus) became a friend to the family.  Martha took pleasure in entertaining Jesus even when she is busy doing household chores. (Ref John 11 v 5 & Luke 10 v 40). Our band is named after this woman of God who always gives her time to entertain Jesus Christ and we as a band at all times try to emulate her in our spiritual and physical lives.

AGE RANGE Martha Band is one of the female band in the New Covenant Church, the band consist of vibrant women whose ages range from 40 years old upward. We have over 45 members who are always happy to give their time in serving God.

PRAYER MEETING Our prayer meetings are usual held every 1st Saturday of the month, where we bring our individual/band supplications to God and our prayers are always answered. Our common Psalms are 24, 51, 138, 103, 99, 150, etc.  We encourage members to attend prayer meetings and also to take part in the service e.g, reading of bible passages, leading the service or saying different prayers.

NETWORK PRAYER: Prayer is the key to everything, as a band we have a network prayer. The band secretary send out bible passage to all members on every Monday morning, each member has a prayer partner, the bible passage sent by the secretary is used as prayer point and members have been testifying to wonderful things God has done for them thorough this medium.  DONATION We engage in charitable work by donating to the less privilege, members contribute towards the donation three times in the year, during lent, our anniversary period and Xmas period. We encourage every member to contribute toward this, it is God commands in Acts 20 v 35 that to every believer it more blessed to give than to receive.

 Band Prayer Gown As a band we have our own prayer gown both white and red, we encourage all members to sew a garment.  Our band girdle (amure) is colour fuchsia pink , and we also have a red Martha Band girdle which we wear on ordinary days.