Beloved in Christ,

On behalf of the entire leadership and management of our District and its branches, I welcome you to 2021. My fervent prayer is that the year will be a truly blessed one for you and all yours.
Our Theme for 2021 is Absolute Liberation. Galatians 5 assures us that we have freedom in Christ. At the time Apostle Paul wrote the Letter to the Galatians, many Christians were being taught that they had to be circumcised to be saved. However, Paul counselled them about rising above the Mosaic law – explaining that being physically circumcised is less important than their faith in Christ.
It is important to emphasise that the absolute liberation we have been given by Christ must not be misused.

We must keep God’s commandments by loving God and by loving each other – instead of working against each other. We must run away from the spirit of the flesh, rather we should radiate the fruit of the spirit.

As we journey through 2021 and beyond, let us remember the freedom we have in Christ – and exercise it judiciously. This freedom brings an absolute liberation that we must not take for granted.
Our Yearbook for 2021 has been produced as a soft copy in response to the restrictions necessitated by the global pandemic.

I commend you to the care of God and to the message of His grace. God bless.

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