Christmas Message to YOU

Christmas!. Its always been my favourite time of the year. Growing up in Nigeria, Christmas meant new clothes, new shoes and gifts of money from uncles and aunts.  You see I grew up from a humble background where clothes were normally handed down from elder siblings, BUT Christmas! its when you are guaranteed to get a new pretty dress and sparkling shoes dressed up for Christmas morning Church service.

All the kids beaming with smiles, admiring each others clothes, hairstyles and dainty bags!.   We listen once again to the story of a child born in a manger whose birth brought 3 wise men in royal robes travelling from afar following a golden bright star to a little town of Bethlehem. They came to worship the King of Kings whose birth had been predicted thousands of years ago, that He will bring Light to a world of darkness, hope to the poor and peace to the troubled mind, His name is JESUS, also called Immanuel ‘God with us’.


You see because God loved us so much He sent us His Son, Jesus Christ to save us from a life of no hope, a world of darkness, cruelty and depression. Jesus said ‘Come to me all who is weary, lonely and tired of living and I will give you rest, inner peace and clarity on life’s issues.

Perhaps like many you have found life unbearable, perhaps suicide has even crossed your mind. Or you have sought solace in alcohol, drugs and many more temporal fixes only to find out it’s really just TEMPORAL.  The good news is JESUS, in Him is the answer!. ..Why not give HIM a try this new year.  HE is still waiting for YOU, to welcome HIM into your heart, so HE can fill that empty void,  JESUS said ‘I will give you peace not like the world does’, the one who gives rest and makes a way where there is no way.  It’s never too late, no matter how bad you might think you are JESUS LOVES YOU and is WAITING FOR YOU to open your heart and let HIM in!.

As YOU celebrate Christmas with your family remember this that, JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!.


This is the message of hope, from us here in we say Merry Christmas and a very happy New year



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