Health & Safety Policy

My name is Mrs Caroline Makinde, I am the secretary for the Church HSCAU formerly known as the medical unit.

In regards to your email or communication with Mrs B Odusanya who is the unit leader, just as she stated in her reply to you we have no written policy as we are volunteers. The unit comprises of health professionals of different specialities we have Pharmacists, specialist nurse practitioners, midwives and mental health nurses including social workers; in total we have about fifteen members.

We are committed to use our professional knowledge and skills to help, support and advise any of our church members who might require our services, in terms of advice. We sign post them to relevant bodies or agencies such as G.P, Hospital A&E or social services depending on the individual needs at the time. Moreover, in cases of emergency we provide first aid whilst awaiting emergency crews such as the Ambulance.

As practising nurses and midwives working with the NHS or private healthcare organisations, we all have an obligation to ensure we keep up to date with our annual mandatory training which includes Adult resuscitation, the midwives have to do neonatal resuscitation as well, which is specific for newborn babies. This resuscitation is first aid training.

We have set up a WhatsApp group whereby we communicate and share relevant information with each other
The present executive of the unit is as follows:
Mrs B Odusanya is the Unit Leader
Mrs I Obasa Vice
Mrs C Makinde Secretary

We have recommenced our rota system now therefore each Sunday service we have one or two members in the counselling room to attend to any church members who might require our service. Mrs Odusanya has been doing that all by herself. As for the Choir Day Mrs Odusanya and myself have arranged to set up a table at the venue whereby we can attend to any emergencies same as we did last year.
Hope this information is clear otherwise do not hesitate to ask if any further information is required.