Evangelism and Mission

  • Develop outreach programmes, reaching out to the community, using various means and methods including services targeted at the community.
  • Develop member’s spiritual formation and reformation, to equip them to tackle personal issues and challenges, whilst attaining spiritual empowerment.
  • Have themed prayer sessions, coupled with seminars and events that address issues that are pertinent to members and the local community.
  • Review and increase Media Evangelism
    Develop a strategy aimed at increasing attendance at Bible study and services.
  • Establish ‘cells’ or house fellowship in line with our vision for horizontal growth in the future.
  • Develop mechanisms to ensure that the church becomes a prominent voice in the community, influencing government policy on specific issues that impact on the well being of African communities and Christian life (living) in the UK.
  • Develop a plan to ensure membership retention and increase in new in-takes and joiners.
  • Aim to become a multi cultural church with attendees from as many nations of the world as possible.
  • Develop an English Language Service targeting potential new congregant and audiences.