Organisation Design Principles

To deliver the above, the organisation is guided by certain core principles

    • Christian value – the organisation model and operations will be guided by its Christian values and ideals, this will not be compromised.
    • Effective governance and operating structure – the organisation has now ensured that it has the right organisational design and structure that can deliver these aspirations, both at strategic and operational levels.
    • Robust Pastorate – the Church has 3 supporting Pastors to work alongside its Church leader and to assist and support the delivery of some of these programmes and initiatives, whilst expanding the capacity for Pastoral Care.
    • Human Resource Capacity – the organisation has recruited a paid staff to provide administrative and clerical support and ensure the continuity of operations, hence divorcing itself from the long tradition of perennial, dependency on “volunteers”. This post is also supported by the paid part time role of In-House Prophet.
    • Sustainable financial model – some of the initiatives will be developed and will operate based on self sustaining model, hence its funding model and portfolio will depart from the traditional dependency on income generated from offerings e.t.c and will be spread across other areas.