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The C & S Church



The book of John chapter 1, verse 46 says, and I quote, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth”?. The C & S fold in general has come under a lot of criticism since it’s inception. Most people are sceptical about “white garment” churches as they call it in our modern day society. This scepticism is sometimes based on mere ignorance in understanding the fold. Some are based on bad experiences of individuals who have entangled themselves with factions who are still striving to embrace and understand the truth of the C & S fold as laid down by God through Christ.

Some people attend in the UK because they were born into the sect, while others attend because their parents attend the church. Of these two categories, most of them attend without knowing why they attend, and are still not enlightened about the principles of the C&S. Other that attend are not aware of why certain things take place in the church, and if this is not swiftly rectified, they would come to the conclusion that these things are doctrine oriented, rather than Christ propagated.

All activities observed in the C & S are biblical and Holy spirit inspired.

Each activity has been carefully researched and endorsed by God, in order to bring to reality the heavenly worship practised by the Cherubim and the Seraphim of heaven. As David, the prophet and King stated, we do have a good heritage (Ps.16:6). It is high time to be proud of what God has given us, and get rid of all the ignorance and antagonistic propaganda, by encouraging more documents to be published.


The C & S was founded by St. Moses Orimolade Tunolase(MOT), who was born in Ikare in Ondo state around the year 1879. His birth and childhood was surrounded by a lot of mysteries. He was to have walked when he was born, and still in his mother’s womb, it was said that he helped his mother to carry some materials on her head from the farm en-route to their humble home. Due to his miraculous walking ability, he was forcefully paralysed in order not to arouse any attention. He was always a group leader amongst his peers, which is not surprising, since he was named after one of the greatest statesmen in the history of the bible.

Orimolade grew up to a fine young man, who though from a pagan background was preaching the gospel. After his baptism by Rev. Ganyes in 1912, he started to evangelise and pray for people, from where he got the nickname “Baba Aladura” (Praying Father), which is still used to identify the head of the C & S sect (mainly in Movement).

As time went by, a lot of people were interested in his ministry, and from the miracles witnessed by various towns in the Western regions, (Ilesha, Ikare, Ilorin, Lokoja ) which lead to Orimolade gaining followers. Some of his major priorities were the reading of the bible, the efficacy of prayer, the power of miracles, and the cultivation of a Christ-like behaviour.

The story of how a young lady became part of the C & S, has become a folk tale in the archives of the sect. That lady was Captain Abiodun Emmanuel, who went into a trance on “Corpus Christo” day, on the 24th of June, 1924. Her emergence saw the strengthening of the fold, with more learned people joining and the development of visions.

In this world, whenever God builds a church, the devil would want to build seven cathedrals. He was so jealous of the new fold, and he waged serious war against it. Due to strife and egoistic ambitions, the band was unfortunately subjected to division. Many splinter groups arose from the original fold, of which the C & S Movement is one. MOT was said to have died on the 19th of October 1932/(3).