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The Church was founded in July 2000 as an organisation with charitable objectives and religious foundations. It is registered by the Charity Commission of England and Wales.

In 2008, the church became a Company Limited by Guarantee registered by Companies House – a reflection of the growth of the organisation. It has a strong and dynamic composition of members from the Black African community based in several regions in London comprising of men, women and children.

The mission of the church is to improve the quality of life of members and our community through the provision of social, economic and educational services. The church promises to carry the Word of God and witness worldwide the work of Christians and Church Ministries.

The church believes in growth through spiritual development and core operations, the church provides spiritual guidance and helps empower individuals in their service and worship to God.

The strategy and policy of the Church is managed by the Board of Trustees and they have operational support from the Committee Chairs and Heads of various of Departments and Units that have greater contact with church operations.

The Church Organisation has set itself a mission of ‘Shaping Every Race’ through its various activities and projects lined up for now and the future.


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NCC Choir Worship Album titled JEHOVAH out now!..Grab your copy!

The much awaited Worship Album from NCC Choir is now out and o boy!.. You will not be astonished, amazed, cry, laugh and dance!. All these emotions is what this spirit filled album will bring out of you and am saying this as the worst critic you can ever come across. When it comes to…


‘He has sent me to tell those who mourn that the time of the LORD’s favor has come, and with it, the day of God’s anger against their enemies’ Isaiah 61:2. We thank God for the year 2016, which is folding to an end. Hmm!.. A lot has happened to you and I, that if…

NCC celebrates 16th year Harvest Anniversary

“Also you shall observe the Feast of the Harvest of the first fruits of your labors from what you sow in the field; Exodus 23:16 Thanking God our Rock, shield and sustaining power for once again bringing the Family of Cherubim & Seraphim New Covenant together to witness another Harvest Anniversary. Jehovah has surely been…

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